who I am and why I am here

Hello All,

I am amateur runner, who wants to be fit and healthy. I was born in Russia and grow up in Hungary. I spent my summers in Egypt working as a Divemaster (best time of my life). I finished my studies in Switzerland and went to Italy for internship, where I quickly got a job for myself. Next year I came to England to start to work in the field I studied years and years and I am still in this country. Who know whats the next destination…

RussiaHungary      Switzerland      Italy      UK

I am here because the son of my friend needs all support and attention possible. He is only five but he went through much more than any other kid should at this age. He was diagnosed with something very serious and the doctors told to his parents that he has maximum one more year. That was more than three years ago. Since than there were a lot of hospitals and treatments and way more denials to operate him. A few months ago he met a brave doctor, who would be happy to operate him. The operation and after treatments costs £80 000 roughly.
That’s how I decided I would like to take part in this journey and raise money for the operation. I singed up for the Half Marathon as I saw before that this a perfect way to do something for a good cause. Since the beginning I had my friend behind my, who instantly signed up for the race and we formed a team called WE RUN FOR MATTHIAS.final_logo

Hereby completing challenges day by day from Zero to Hero to make awareness for great cause. Writing publicly is something I have never done before, and I am looking forward to publish entries about our journey of preparation for the race. Share healthy recipes, motivational entries and training results. I would like to connect with as many people as possible and create an inspirational vibe over all platforms.

Please feel free to express yourself, I would love to hear from you! Have you ever participated something similar? What was it and how did it go? Never done it before? Would you consider to push you physical limits to accomplish something wonderfully new?

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