Meet Veronika… Who I am

Yellow mellow (my way of saying hello) everyone,

My name is Veronika. I was born in Czech Republic and it’s been already 5 years since I moved to London. Time flies right? The main reason that brought me to London was to study university here, which I successfully completed last year. I always wanted to move to another country and experience something different… I guess I always had ‘wonder feet’, probably just like my grandfather (my parents say so). It was the best decision I’ve made so far. Let me tell you… Nothing is easy as it might seem, but it’s all worth it at the end. Working and studying full time has thought me how to become stronger and how to stand on my own feet.
After finishing university I have continued working in the same industry I studied.
In my free time (luckily now I have little bit more of it) I usually like to go to gym, meet my friends, eat πŸ˜‰ and just do all those fun stuff we all like.
I love sports in general therefore that’s huge part of my life. Animals…. Yes animals… I love them too…especially bunnies and recently I got little kitten.
During my journey here you will find out more and more about me, what I like and dislike and about my life in general. So please follow us here and we’ll keep you posted.
Have a lovely day everyone!! 😊

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