Veronika’s journey to accomplishment

You may already know that I love sports and decided with my very close friend Erika to run Richmond half marathon in September this year. The marathon is 21k long… Ufff… I have never run this much in my life, but I have started my training and I can’t wait to cross the finish line. What’s is my next goal? I don’t know yet… But now I focus on helping Matthias and his family.
Running the half marathon isn’t just my personal accomplishment, but mainly to raise money for little Matthias who needs life saving surgery. This is his only option. He is just a small 5 year old boy who’s been trough so much already. Therefore we would like for him to have the childhood that every kid deserves.

I have never had my personal blog, so this is super exciting for me. It would be absolutely amazing to reach 80,000 followers and if everyone would donate just £1, that would mean that Matthias can have his surgery and we all can help to save his life. Furthermore, this blog will also be an inspirational platform for those who want to start healthier lifestyle. You can see recipes and some great ideas coming.

My main goal is to reach out to people who would be willing to help and support us throughout this journey, because every little help counts.


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