Blogging journey

Ever since I can remember, I had a blog. As a child I was super lucky as my parents were IT people. I think I am from the generation who had no home PC yet – definitely from where I come from. We always had a few PC at home, I remember more PCs  than bedrooms… 🙂

Luckily I always preferred fresh air, I grow up on the streets, but once the sun went down I was in front of the computer. Also because my parents liked X files, which was too scary for me at that time 😀

First it was basic chat I could use, and I was awake until very late. Then I had a MySpace account, where I could upload all my photos. I remember I was really passionate photographer in my teenage, so all party photos were uploaded. Maybe for some dismay. I wish I could find those pics, I am sure they are somewhere on the web… so scary.

The major breakthrough came years and years after when I started to work in Italy after Uni… we were about to create a Blog platform for the Gold Club, where I used to work. It was all natural for me, how to use it and what to do with it. I actually had to make all improvements. I made all pictures, videos and entries. Unfortunately I left a year later and since then the site is dying. Do not misunderstand me, my life turned out to be much better, the unfortunately part is for the blog, as nobody else updates it as well it deserves it. Such a waste, as the audience is there, hungry for the information. Well, what can you do?

Anyway, since then I created a few blogs on different platforms, to test and play with them, until last months, when I finally find the cause I am happy to stay awake after every late shift to spread the word. WE RUN FOR MATTHIAS is like the masterpiece of all my practice. The bonus is that I don’t have to make it alone. I have a friend, Veronika who takes the ownership and makes this journey amazing. We both aim for more audience, likes and traffic. Our aim is to get to as many people as possible, who would be willing to contribute £1 to support us on our charity running in September. All the money comes in, goes directly to the Matthias’ charity account. Who could have a lifesaving operation.

Please spread the word, contribute if you can or just simply join us on this beautiful journey. 🙂

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