my posts are for You

Yello-Mello My Dream Reader,

I am writing to you if you are about to improve your life by changing bits by bit. Change is always good and leads us to a new destination / situation. Its refreshing and DOPE.

Anything is possible and everything depends on you perception. How you gonna stretch your reality and where do you draw the line for enough. Enough is ever enough?

Have you tried to analyze your environment from a different angle and realized that your limits are determined by your mindset? Have you tried to change your mindset and accomplish something wonderfully new? How did it feel?

This is my honesty platform and I tend to share bits and pieces of my way of improvement according to my perception, which is leading me to the wonderfully-new-land. Well, enough of being sentimental and lets get back to business. 😛

What I can promise for You is loads of pictures about foooooood (love good food), running paths, updates about training for the half marathon, team stories. And if you allow us we will share with you our favorite motivational quotes for those of you who is doing something similar to keep your mindset on the right path! Furthermore, regular posts about Matthias our Hero, who is having his own battle against brain tumor. Our main focus point is Matthias and his surgery. We are on the way to raise £80 000 for a life-saving operation with loads of other people. On this site you can familiarize yourself with all the possible ways of connection with Matthias and donating toward his operation. Like clicking on the logo on the right hand-side.

Thank you for your time and attention. Hope you enjoy the site and we would be happy to hear from you, what you go through and what you think about. There’s nothing better than building a community, safe environment where you can socialize. Keep us updated and we will keep you as well.

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