Era Lecsó

Lecso is a traditional Hungarian dish. It can be prepared in many ways depends which part of Hungary you are. My lecso is not similar to any of it as I vary the doze of ingredients to my taste. Here it is Era’s paleo way, feel free to change and make it your own! The ingredients I use are for 2 big plates.

I love meat therefore I use chopped smoked bacon (from Lidl) and Pick Spicy Paprika Sausage (from Tesco deli counter, which by the way not hot-spicy at all). I put them in a pan with some ghee and cook it for 5 minutes before I throw (3 big) chopped onions on the top. When the onion is soft I add the chopped paprika. I usually use 2 bigger paprika per person and slice them into small pieces so it becomes softer-faster. Put the kettle to boil as much water as you can and cut a shallow X around your tomato from top to top, put them in a bowl and pour the hot water on it. After a minute or two, you can carefully remove the skin of the tomato easily. Now chop it up and add it to the lecso. It will became very juicy but after another 5 minutes you can add 2 eggs to the whole stew to dense. And voila, the lecso is ready.

Enjoy your meal and do not forget if you find this post useful donate a pound or two by clicking on the logo on the right side. The aim is to raise money for a lifesaving surgery for Matthias. Read more about him and his journey here:


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