Summer Training

Summer Training with Nike+ is a great FUN. I run and take pictures and NIKE+ measures my distance and speed and location with GPS. After run all I have to do is approve my best shots and select the data I wanna showcase and it creates and shares beautiful pictures of mine over 4 social media platforms.

I also compete with people from all over the word. We create and participate challenges and try to be the first one to complete it. Some of them is as short as 5K and others maybe a 1500K for the whole year.

You can complete various badges and view all your activities. I use the Coach function to get ready for the Half Marathon in September. My training start 3 months before the race. All I had to do is set the Race date and select the intensity of the training. It set up a complete training plan and it will kick off 30th June. I still have 2 weeks to prepare mentally and physically for the training.  The best all in all that I have a training buddy, Veronika who motivates me to run. We both running to raise money for Matthias’ surgery. Hope you enjoy the site and keep sponsoring us. Donate in pound or share the article and like our page to get to more people.

Here you can see, some of my pics. Do you use any app or device for you training? Share it with us.

1st WeRunForMatthias team training #nikeplus #werunformatthias #richmondrunningfestival

Another sunny run! 5K challenge! #nikeplus #werunformatthias #afterrunselfie #runnerscommunity #5kchallenge

Next goal to keep this distance >1h #nikeplus #werunformatthias #runnerscommunity #running

Favourite running path!!! #nikeplus #werunformatthias #runnerscommunity #running #thebreakfastclubchallenge

Managed to get home before the heavy rain! #nikeplus #werunformatthias #iloverichmond #richmondrunningfestival check out our website

#nikeplus #werunformatthias #irun #instarunners #running #runnerscommunity #nikeplus #running #runnerscommunity #irun #iloverichmond #richmondrunningfestival #werunformatthias #nikeplus #running #runnerscommunity #werunformatthias #instarunners #iloverichmond #richmondrunningfestival


Back to ground zero

There is nothing worse than when your training routine gets distracted by an injury or sickness.
I was sick for almost two weeks and wasn’t able to run at all. Before I had quite good fitness level and ran 8-10k comfortably. How do you cope with the training after being sick or injured?

At the moment I struggle on 5k, but slowly getting there and hopefully I’ll be back on track very soon.

Yesterday and today I ran under 5k to start with. Today I also incorporated some strength training (squats, lounges, core exercises and upper body).

Even when your training routing gets put on hold, don’t get discouraged. Jump back into the routine. Start slow and soon you’ll be back on track.

You can sponsor me and Erika during this journey to help to raise money for Matthias’ surgery. He is a little fighter and deserves our help.





Sunday Smoothie: Detox Smoothie

I hope you all had lovely weekend. It’s been some time since my last post. Unfortunately I got cold for past week and wasn’t able to continue my training. I’ve realised how much I miss running. While I was sick I didn’t feel like eating much, all I wanted is to finish work and go home and sleep. I didn’t even have a smoothie once and during the absence of smoothies in my diet I realised how much difference they make. Do you drink smoothies regularly? Do you feel any different when you stop drinking them? I felt more tired than usual and even my skin experienced few breakouts. Of course being sick and lack of sleep took a big part but skipping smoothies didn’t do any better.

I felt like I needed some tasty detox smoothie and here is the recipe:

1 chopped pear
1/2 lime (juice)
Handful of spinach
3 chopped celery sticks
2 kiwis

Sometimes I add a cucumber too. It makes this smoothie even more refreshing.

I hope you enjoy this smoothie.

Hopefully I’ll be back on track with training and eating clean within next few days. I haven’t been too good with food last few days and it makes me feel more tired. Please support us by sponsoring us during out mission to help Matthias.