Summer Training

Summer Training with Nike+ is a great FUN. I run and take pictures and NIKE+ measures my distance and speed and location with GPS. After run all I have to do is approve my best shots and select the data I wanna showcase and it creates and shares beautiful pictures of mine over 4 social media platforms.

I also compete with people from all over the word. We create and participate challenges and try to be the first one to complete it. Some of them is as short as 5K and others maybe a 1500K for the whole year.

You can complete various badges and view all your activities. I use the Coach function to get ready for the Half Marathon in September. My training start 3 months before the race. All I had to do is set the Race date and select the intensity of the training. It set up a complete training plan and it will kick off 30th June. I still have 2 weeks to prepare mentally and physically for the training.  The best all in all that I have a training buddy, Veronika who motivates me to run. We both running to raise money for Matthias’ surgery. Hope you enjoy the site and keep sponsoring us. Donate in pound or share the article and like our page to get to more people.

Here you can see, some of my pics. Do you use any app or device for you training? Share it with us.

1st WeRunForMatthias team training #nikeplus #werunformatthias #richmondrunningfestival

Another sunny run! 5K challenge! #nikeplus #werunformatthias #afterrunselfie #runnerscommunity #5kchallenge

Next goal to keep this distance >1h #nikeplus #werunformatthias #runnerscommunity #running

Favourite running path!!! #nikeplus #werunformatthias #runnerscommunity #running #thebreakfastclubchallenge

Managed to get home before the heavy rain! #nikeplus #werunformatthias #iloverichmond #richmondrunningfestival check out our website

#nikeplus #werunformatthias #irun #instarunners #running #runnerscommunity #nikeplus #running #runnerscommunity #irun #iloverichmond #richmondrunningfestival #werunformatthias #nikeplus #running #runnerscommunity #werunformatthias #instarunners #iloverichmond #richmondrunningfestival


Sport as a concept

What do you think when you hear the word SPORT?

Do you think about professional athletes only or amateurs as well? What do you do when you do sport? My doctor always ask me ‘do you do any sport?’

This morning, I wanted to start my day with some quality time and I decided to check out the trending topics about sport on some women magazine websites. I was searching and searching and found very little. First of all I visited the most famous magazine portals for women in UK, Italy and Hungary. Same results everywhere.

I found menu titles like ‘beauty and health’, ‘body’, ‘diet’. All articles brain washing you to try the new brand of products or try the new technology, because the big celebrities are recommending it. What happened with a good old-fashion way of exercising? Are we not interested anymore?

Sport is meant to be “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment”.

Do you remember the last time you competed with someone, what did you feel when you were nearly there to win no matter what the outcome was? Excitement and the butterflies in your stomach when you knew that it takes few more steps or movements to pass the finish line. What a refreshing feeling. You feel like a newborn after all. The best way of forgetting the everyday hustle. One thing you can be sure of, by the time you finish and get back to ordinary you will have the right mindset to continue whatever you left pending.

Check out my 10K running path

Colnbrook-T5 10KFrom Colnbrook run towards T5 Heathrow Airport then you turn towards Stenwall Moor. Continue to Horton and then back to Colnbrook. This circle is on a road all along.

Breakfast Club Challenge

I just find myself invited to the Breakfast Club Challenge! Friend from Nike+ challenged me and loads other passionate runners to run 80.5km in 30 days. Great motivation to train myself towards the half marathon!


It all starts after tomorrow! It would be great if you could sponsor me on our donation website. Just click on sponsor us to your right! Cause at the end of the day WE RUN FOR MATTHIAS!

Teleport – Tuesday

How amazing it would be to get from one place to another within one second. Like in the movie JUMPER. Have you seen it? If not here its trailer here. So you disappear at one place and appear at another place. I guess it would be too messy, people would cut conversations short by disappearing. Maybe we would stop communicating with each other. What about privacy? How could you stop someone entering your house?

Loads to think about, but here on this blog we gonna keep it simple. So after Smoothie-Sunday and Motivation-Monday we created Teleport-Tuesday. We gonna share a place every Tuesday, where we would love to train for the half marathon.

Lonely Runner

If you like any picture on this site, feel free to click on it so it can teleport you to more amazing places to discover.

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Weekend Cuties

Check out the perfectly timed pics from the GossipGirl on our blog!




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Check out 36 perfectly timed animal shots. Taken with high precision but most of the time just lucky shots. Animal photography at it’s best, at least in a fun way..

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Feelin Good




IMG_1991 How to run when you don’t want people to see your morning face. Cause nothing feels better then jump out of bed and go for a run. Fighting with the elements…wind, rain or sunshine, the training will not slow down. FEELIN GOODIMG_1993!!!


Just over an hour but accomplished 10K! Next goal is to keep this distance under an hour!


Era Lecsó

Lecso is a traditional Hungarian dish. It can be prepared in many ways depends which part of Hungary you are. My lecso is not similar to any of it as I vary the doze of ingredients to my taste. Here it is Era’s paleo way, feel free to change and make it your own! The ingredients I use are for 2 big plates.

I love meat therefore I use chopped smoked bacon (from Lidl) and Pick Spicy Paprika Sausage (from Tesco deli counter, which by the way not hot-spicy at all). I put them in a pan with some ghee and cook it for 5 minutes before I throw (3 big) chopped onions on the top. When the onion is soft I add the chopped paprika. I usually use 2 bigger paprika per person and slice them into small pieces so it becomes softer-faster. Put the kettle to boil as much water as you can and cut a shallow X around your tomato from top to top, put them in a bowl and pour the hot water on it. After a minute or two, you can carefully remove the skin of the tomato easily. Now chop it up and add it to the lecso. It will became very juicy but after another 5 minutes you can add 2 eggs to the whole stew to dense. And voila, the lecso is ready.

Enjoy your meal and do not forget if you find this post useful donate a pound or two by clicking on the logo on the right side. The aim is to raise money for a lifesaving surgery for Matthias. Read more about him and his journey here: