Just over an hour but accomplished 10K! Next goal is to keep this distance under an hour!


Era Lecsó

Lecso is a traditional Hungarian dish. It can be prepared in many ways depends which part of Hungary you are. My lecso is not similar to any of it as I vary the doze of ingredients to my taste. Here it is Era’s paleo way, feel free to change and make it your own! The ingredients I use are for 2 big plates.

I love meat therefore I use chopped smoked bacon (from Lidl) and Pick Spicy Paprika Sausage (from Tesco deli counter, which by the way not hot-spicy at all). I put them in a pan with some ghee and cook it for 5 minutes before I throw (3 big) chopped onions on the top. When the onion is soft I add the chopped paprika. I usually use 2 bigger paprika per person and slice them into small pieces so it becomes softer-faster. Put the kettle to boil as much water as you can and cut a shallow X around your tomato from top to top, put them in a bowl and pour the hot water on it. After a minute or two, you can carefully remove the skin of the tomato easily. Now chop it up and add it to the lecso. It will became very juicy but after another 5 minutes you can add 2 eggs to the whole stew to dense. And voila, the lecso is ready.

Enjoy your meal and do not forget if you find this post useful donate a pound or two by clicking on the justgiving.com logo on the right side. The aim is to raise money for a lifesaving surgery for Matthias. Read more about him and his journey here: http://helpmatthias.com/


M.Q. – Monday

motivational quote

M.Q. stands for a motivational quotes. Every Monday we are going to share our favorite motivational quotes with you. Cause we need motivation to keep up with our long term goal. We don’t want to get lost along the way cause shit happens. Find you own motivation for any life circumstances to keep you moving because change is good. Change brings something wonderfully new. Get ready for the change.

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Continuing the hard work

After yesterday’s touristy day in central London I went Today for another morning run to prepare myself for the half marathon. The weather is so beautiful here in London therefore I wanted to take full advantage of it. Erika challenged me with 5k and I had 48h to complete my run. This way we can motivate each other and other runners.
The beauty of running outside is that I always find some new beautiful places and random spots.
After completing 5k I stretched properly to avoid the lactose acid to get into my muscles (this is what makes your muscles sore after the run). So…. Remember that stretching is the most important part. Then I spent some more time relaxing by the river watching duckies 🙂

first WeRunForMatthias team training

You can see who is always at the front and who is at the back 🙂 Pacing is not easy when you are out and about. I was lucky Vee had the right rhythm so all I had to do is to Keep Calm and Carry On!

Find your rhythm and running buddy. This way you can motivate each other and if one or another looses the pace then you know there’s someone who will motivate you to complete the run.


Don’t stop your journey toward your goals

Yellow mellow everyone,

So the long bank holiday weekend is over and I am back to work. Over the weekend I went for a quick spa break to get away from the city for a little bit.

It was lovely and relaxing…. But remember; don’t forget it is still important to workout even on your holiday. I still managed to go to gym and get one small step closer to my goals of successfully running the half marathon and most importantly to help to raise money for Mathias.

Check out my route on Nike+


This is the small Colnbrook Circle I usually run, when I start my training preparation. I find this distance just perfect to start with. The path contains different types of terrain. Starting in Colnbrook the first and last km is on pavement. You can choose to run the second km in the forest or around it on pavement. Please note that after rainy days the forest can turn into muddy jungle, I would not risk to slip and injure myself.The next km is on the road between Poyle and Horton. It leads to a public footpath trail before arriving back to Colnbrook.

If you take it easy, it will take you about half an hour in a nice jog. I recommend harder running shoes because of the diversity of the terrain.

Do you use nike+ ? Have you created any routes? Did you find this article useful? Please don’t forget our aim is to raise money for Matthias’ surgery. Donate a pound or two by clicking on the justgiving.com logo on the right sidebar.

Back to the training routine

Hello everyone. I hope u had a great week and looking forward to the long weekend.
It’s been a while since I’ve posted last post….I was sick an therefore couldn’t train. Tomorrow I’ll be back to the routine. For all of you out there who just started exercising recently and getting discouraged by being sick or for some other reason. Get your trainers and kick back in as soon as you feel better.
Feel free to join us here and on our journey to be healthier and fitter. The purpose of this blog is not only up raise money and help Matthias to have life changing surgery but also to motivate those who don’t have enough courage to start on their own.
Training and fitness in general is a long term commitment and requires your time. Only few minutes every day make difference. The amount of time and effort you invest, the same amount of results will come back.


my posts are for You

Yello-Mello My Dream Reader,

I am writing to you if you are about to improve your life by changing bits by bit. Change is always good and leads us to a new destination / situation. Its refreshing and DOPE.

Anything is possible and everything depends on you perception. How you gonna stretch your reality and where do you draw the line for enough. Enough is ever enough?

Have you tried to analyze your environment from a different angle and realized that your limits are determined by your mindset? Have you tried to change your mindset and accomplish something wonderfully new? How did it feel?

This is my honesty platform and I tend to share bits and pieces of my way of improvement according to my perception, which is leading me to the wonderfully-new-land. Well, enough of being sentimental and lets get back to business. 😛

What I can promise for You is loads of pictures about foooooood (love good food), running paths, updates about training for the half marathon, team stories. And if you allow us we will share with you our favorite motivational quotes for those of you who is doing something similar to keep your mindset on the right path! Furthermore, regular posts about Matthias our Hero, who is having his own battle against brain tumor. Our main focus point is Matthias and his surgery. We are on the way to raise £80 000 for a life-saving operation with loads of other people. On this site you can familiarize yourself with all the possible ways of connection with Matthias and donating toward his operation. Like clicking on the logo on the right hand-side.

Thank you for your time and attention. Hope you enjoy the site and we would be happy to hear from you, what you go through and what you think about. There’s nothing better than building a community, safe environment where you can socialize. Keep us updated and we will keep you as well.

Chia seeds pudding

Do you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to feel too guilty for treating yourself?! Here is a delicious recipe for healthy version of a pudding. Chia seeds are high in fibre and are very beneficial to your body.

Here’s the recipe: (makes one serving)

2 tablespoons chia seeds
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract
a pinch of salt
1 tablespoon honey or agave syrup

For chocolate version you can add two tea spoons of good quality cocoa powder.