Sunday Smoothie: ‘Wake me up’

This morning I felt like something bit more sweet and fresh.
I made a mango, pineapple, grapes and coconut milk. Blend all the ingredients together in the blender and enjoy.

1/2 mango
Handful of pineapple
Handful of grapes
1/2 cup of coconut milk



Just over an hour but accomplished 10K! Next goal is to keep this distance under an hour!


Continuing the hard work

After yesterday’s touristy day in central London I went Today for another morning run to prepare myself for the half marathon. The weather is so beautiful here in London therefore I wanted to take full advantage of it. Erika challenged me with 5k and I had 48h to complete my run. This way we can motivate each other and other runners.
The beauty of running outside is that I always find some new beautiful places and random spots.
After completing 5k I stretched properly to avoid the lactose acid to get into my muscles (this is what makes your muscles sore after the run). So…. Remember that stretching is the most important part. Then I spent some more time relaxing by the river watching duckies 🙂

Don’t stop your journey toward your goals

Yellow mellow everyone,

So the long bank holiday weekend is over and I am back to work. Over the weekend I went for a quick spa break to get away from the city for a little bit.

It was lovely and relaxing…. But remember; don’t forget it is still important to workout even on your holiday. I still managed to go to gym and get one small step closer to my goals of successfully running the half marathon and most importantly to help to raise money for Mathias.