12 weeks training has started

So the time has arrived! Yes… 12 weeks of hard work before we hit the finish line of the Richmond half marathon.

I am using a Nike+ app to help me with the training. This app is amazing as it tells me how much and how often to run. It measures my pace and distance.

Unfortunately my feet haven’t fully recovered from bad blisters yet, therefore my training had to be postponed, but I’ll be back on track in couple of days. I have found appropriate bandage to keep my feet going.

Healthy diet will be a huge part of the training. For breakfast or snack at work I’ve been having chia seeds granola pudding with fruits. It is a nutritious breakfast to start with (even Cookie loves it) 😆.

Wish us a luck and lot of strength. These 12 weeks will be challenging.

Thanks for your support.





Back to ground zero

There is nothing worse than when your training routine gets distracted by an injury or sickness.
I was sick for almost two weeks and wasn’t able to run at all. Before I had quite good fitness level and ran 8-10k comfortably. How do you cope with the training after being sick or injured?

At the moment I struggle on 5k, but slowly getting there and hopefully I’ll be back on track very soon.

Yesterday and today I ran under 5k to start with. Today I also incorporated some strength training (squats, lounges, core exercises and upper body).

Even when your training routing gets put on hold, don’t get discouraged. Jump back into the routine. Start slow and soon you’ll be back on track.

You can sponsor me and Erika during this journey to help to raise money for Matthias’ surgery. He is a little fighter and deserves our help.





Bugs & Mosquitos for a dinner

Yesterday me and Erika went spontaneously for a run. We decided to check out the area where our race will be held. The weather was little wet, but no rain…. Ideal for my running. We didn’t have any particular distance in mind, but it’s always fun to run together.

At the end of the day we managed to run 10km and we both felt great afterwards. We both looked at each other like we could run more but as we ran along the river Thames there were ton of bugs and mosquitos flying around. I don’t wanna even know how many we swallowed nor how many got stuck in our eyes. However, despite the ‘bug struggle’ it was a great run and we are making little steps closer to our goal.
We are running the Richmond half marathon in September. Please sponsor two chicks who are helping Matthias’ family to save his life.
Just click on donation button and sponsor us. Every help is much appreciated.

Have a great day everyone!


Perfect Sunny Day & After Run Lunch

Today is absolutely beautiful and this weather suppose to continue until Monday….ton of opportunities to get out of the sofa and go outside for a jog.
This morning I went for a very light jog as my legs have not recovered from my last long distance run yet. I ran 3km and did long stretching session to help my muscles in recovery process. I also decided to do some strength training with my own body weight. It is important to include strength training while you doing your cardio.
I am fortunate for the beautiful park I have close to my house. I absolutely love running there, even tho it’s in the city it still feels like country side.

After I returned home I made a quick rocket, spinach & quinoa salad with some mozzarella cheese and eggs. It’s light, but it fills me for a while.

Put your trainers on and join our team in a mission to raise money for Matthias’ surgery.

Enjoy the sunny day everyone ☀️😊😜







Training doesn’t stop

My kitty woke me up quite early this morning and after only 6h of sleep I surprisingly didn’t feel too tired. Stupidly I had a latte around 8pm last night at work (FYI I don’t drink coffee at all) and the caffeine effect worked until about 2am and I couldn’t sleep.
Anyway… I still went for a run as planned, even tho half way it started pouring the rain. I ran 8.40km and it was one of the best runs I’ve done so far. I felt great and still had enough energy to run more but had to return back home and get ready for work.
I have explored new routes and met some geese on the way (oh boy they were quite aggressive as they had babies around).

Don’t give up even if the weather isn’t according to your plans. We are on the mission here to inspire others and most importantly to raise money for Matthias. Please click on the just giving donation button and drop us a £1 or few 🙂

Have a lovely day everyone. Keep moving! 😘



Breakfast Club Challenge

I just find myself invited to the Breakfast Club Challenge! Friend from Nike+ challenged me and loads other passionate runners to run 80.5km in 30 days. Great motivation to train myself towards the half marathon!


It all starts after tomorrow! It would be great if you could sponsor me on our donation website. Just click on sponsor us to your right! Cause at the end of the day WE RUN FOR MATTHIAS!

M.Q. – Monday

motivational quote

M.Q. stands for a motivational quotes. Every Monday we are going to share our favorite motivational quotes with you. Cause we need motivation to keep up with our long term goal. We don’t want to get lost along the way cause shit happens. Find you own motivation for any life circumstances to keep you moving because change is good. Change brings something wonderfully new. Get ready for the change.

If you like what you see and read do not forget to donate a pound or two for a lifesaving surgery of Matthias by clicking on the justgiving.com link on the right side. Thank you

Back to the training routine

Hello everyone. I hope u had a great week and looking forward to the long weekend.
It’s been a while since I’ve posted last post….I was sick an therefore couldn’t train. Tomorrow I’ll be back to the routine. For all of you out there who just started exercising recently and getting discouraged by being sick or for some other reason. Get your trainers and kick back in as soon as you feel better.
Feel free to join us here and on our journey to be healthier and fitter. The purpose of this blog is not only up raise money and help Matthias to have life changing surgery but also to motivate those who don’t have enough courage to start on their own.
Training and fitness in general is a long term commitment and requires your time. Only few minutes every day make difference. The amount of time and effort you invest, the same amount of results will come back.


Run or Dye 2014… Join the team

I also registered myself to run this fun race. Join me, Erika & Maciek to have some fun.

I think it’s such a great idea how to make running even more fun. You can either run, jog or dance to cross the finish line.

Let’s have some fun together 😆


Run or Dye 2014 Pre-registration is Open

Lets have some fun together! Maciek and Erika signed up for the Fun and Dye run! What is it all about? Watch the video! Let me us know if you signed up so we can run together 🙂




Bring you family with you and lets get dirty as a rainbow together!