Accomplishment for Erika

I would be happy to clarify my goals here. I would like to run the Half Marathon in September. It’s 21 km and I’ve never run so much before. Once I cross the finish line that’s what I call accomplishment. But what is going to happen next? Am I going to sign up for the Marathon next year? Who knows that now?

Of course sitting here and blogging will not give me strength and endurance to accomplish the race. My goals here with this blog is to reach out to people, who is willing to sponsor me and through this raise money for Matthias’ surgery.

I wanna create a kind of honesty platform, whereby I share tips and recipes and people would buy them, by donating through the link on the right hand-side. The price could be as small as 1-2-5-10 pounds/euros/anything and write in the supplement: I bought a muffin recipe for Matthias. That would be pretty awesome.

I blog because I would like to gain followers, generate big traffic and connect to others who finds this blog inspirational. Nowadays many people goes home after work and just sits in front of the TV or video games. I would like to motivate others to get up and do some exercise.

If this blog exceeds my wildest dreams, what would it look like?
I would love if I would be able to reach out to 80 000 people, who would donate £1, so that Matthias could have the lifesaving surgery.