Check out my 10K running path

Colnbrook-T5 10KFrom Colnbrook run towards T5 Heathrow Airport then you turn towards Stenwall Moor. Continue to Horton and then back to Colnbrook. This circle is on a road all along.

Teleport – Tuesday

How amazing it would be to get from one place to another within one second. Like in the movie JUMPER. Have you seen it? If not here its trailer here. So you disappear at one place and appear at another place. I guess it would be too messy, people would cut conversations short by disappearing. Maybe we would stop communicating with each other. What about privacy? How could you stop someone entering your house?

Loads to think about, but here on this blog we gonna keep it simple. So after Smoothie-Sunday and Motivation-Monday we created Teleport-Tuesday. We gonna share a place every Tuesday, where we would love to train for the half marathon.

Lonely Runner

If you like any picture on this site, feel free to click on it so it can teleport you to more amazing places to discover.

first WeRunForMatthias team training

You can see who is always at the front and who is at the back 🙂 Pacing is not easy when you are out and about. I was lucky Vee had the right rhythm so all I had to do is to Keep Calm and Carry On!

Find your rhythm and running buddy. This way you can motivate each other and if one or another looses the pace then you know there’s someone who will motivate you to complete the run.


Check out my route on Nike+


This is the small Colnbrook Circle I usually run, when I start my training preparation. I find this distance just perfect to start with. The path contains different types of terrain. Starting in Colnbrook the first and last km is on pavement. You can choose to run the second km in the forest or around it on pavement. Please note that after rainy days the forest can turn into muddy jungle, I would not risk to slip and injure myself.The next km is on the road between Poyle and Horton. It leads to a public footpath trail before arriving back to Colnbrook.

If you take it easy, it will take you about half an hour in a nice jog. I recommend harder running shoes because of the diversity of the terrain.

Do you use nike+ ? Have you created any routes? Did you find this article useful? Please don’t forget our aim is to raise money for Matthias’ surgery. Donate a pound or two by clicking on the logo on the right sidebar.

Sunny day in London & food shopping

I took an advantage of a lovely sunny day in London and headed out to enjoy the rays. On the way I popped in to Whole Foods store to pick up few yummy things. Can’t wait to tuck in. I picked up some salad with sweet potatoes because I just love them. And yes…. Me and Erika eat sweet potatoes so often that we might become one soon. Surprise surprise 😊.

Life in London can be very hectic and stressful, therefore I’m so grateful for such stores as whole foods, so even if you don’t have time to prepare your own meal, you still can pop in and get some healthy and btw very delicious options.

I am so excited to post soon some pictures from our training and all the fun stuff we do.

We run for Matthias. Support us 🙂



Morning run along the river Thames

This morning I went for another run. The weather has been amazing these days and I found beautiful place in my neighbourhood. Keep moving.