12 weeks training has started

So the time has arrived! Yes… 12 weeks of hard work before we hit the finish line of the Richmond half marathon.

I am using a Nike+ app to help me with the training. This app is amazing as it tells me how much and how often to run. It measures my pace and distance.

Unfortunately my feet haven’t fully recovered from bad blisters yet, therefore my training had to be postponed, but I’ll be back on track in couple of days. I have found appropriate bandage to keep my feet going.

Healthy diet will be a huge part of the training. For breakfast or snack at work I’ve been having chia seeds granola pudding with fruits. It is a nutritious breakfast to start with (even Cookie loves it) 😆.

Wish us a luck and lot of strength. These 12 weeks will be challenging.

Thanks for your support.





Back to ground zero

There is nothing worse than when your training routine gets distracted by an injury or sickness.
I was sick for almost two weeks and wasn’t able to run at all. Before I had quite good fitness level and ran 8-10k comfortably. How do you cope with the training after being sick or injured?

At the moment I struggle on 5k, but slowly getting there and hopefully I’ll be back on track very soon.

Yesterday and today I ran under 5k to start with. Today I also incorporated some strength training (squats, lounges, core exercises and upper body).

Even when your training routing gets put on hold, don’t get discouraged. Jump back into the routine. Start slow and soon you’ll be back on track.

You can sponsor me and Erika during this journey to help to raise money for Matthias’ surgery. He is a little fighter and deserves our help.





Bugs & Mosquitos for a dinner

Yesterday me and Erika went spontaneously for a run. We decided to check out the area where our race will be held. The weather was little wet, but no rain…. Ideal for my running. We didn’t have any particular distance in mind, but it’s always fun to run together.

At the end of the day we managed to run 10km and we both felt great afterwards. We both looked at each other like we could run more but as we ran along the river Thames there were ton of bugs and mosquitos flying around. I don’t wanna even know how many we swallowed nor how many got stuck in our eyes. However, despite the ‘bug struggle’ it was a great run and we are making little steps closer to our goal.
We are running the Richmond half marathon in September. Please sponsor two chicks who are helping Matthias’ family to save his life.
Just click on donation button and sponsor us. Every help is much appreciated.

Have a great day everyone!


Summer arrived to London

Summer has finally arrived and I’ve been loving this weekend.

On Saturday I met my training buddy and sister in crime Erika…. We went to a park for picnic. I cooked some chicken marinated in basil & pine nut pesto with mix of azuki beans, red and green lentils and chickpeas.
To freshen everything up we had spinach salad with avocado and fruits on the side…later in the evening we had a dessert (chocolate avocado mousse with fresh strawberries).
Later in the evening we went for a run (4.89k). We both felt great and switched our brains from everyday routine. It was such a lovely Saturday.
I am so grateful to have such a good friend who inspires me and I can rely on. During the training we support each other and keep positive spirit.

Today I have been relaxing most of the day. I cooked lunch (sweet potatoes, halumi cheese, spinach & avocado salad and eggs). For the rest of the afternoon i relaxed in the garden with my kitty and was catching some rays.
I feel relaxed and refreshed and soon will head out for a run.

Please sponsor us during the training and half marathon which we will run in September. All the funds go directly to Matthias’ charity account for his life saving surgery. Thanks to everyone for all the support.






Continuing the hard work

After yesterday’s touristy day in central London I went Today for another morning run to prepare myself for the half marathon. The weather is so beautiful here in London therefore I wanted to take full advantage of it. Erika challenged me with 5k and I had 48h to complete my run. This way we can motivate each other and other runners.
The beauty of running outside is that I always find some new beautiful places and random spots.
After completing 5k I stretched properly to avoid the lactose acid to get into my muscles (this is what makes your muscles sore after the run). So…. Remember that stretching is the most important part. Then I spent some more time relaxing by the river watching duckies 🙂

first WeRunForMatthias team training

You can see who is always at the front and who is at the back 🙂 Pacing is not easy when you are out and about. I was lucky Vee had the right rhythm so all I had to do is to Keep Calm and Carry On!

Find your rhythm and running buddy. This way you can motivate each other and if one or another looses the pace then you know there’s someone who will motivate you to complete the run.


Run or Dye 2014 Pre-registration is Open

Lets have some fun together! Maciek and Erika signed up for the Fun and Dye run! What is it all about? Watch the video! Let me us know if you signed up so we can run together 🙂




Bring you family with you and lets get dirty as a rainbow together!

Veronika’s journey to accomplishment

You may already know that I love sports and decided with my very close friend Erika to run Richmond half marathon in September this year. The marathon is 21k long… Ufff… I have never run this much in my life, but I have started my training and I can’t wait to cross the finish line. What’s is my next goal? I don’t know yet… But now I focus on helping Matthias and his family.
Running the half marathon isn’t just my personal accomplishment, but mainly to raise money for little Matthias who needs life saving surgery. This is his only option. He is just a small 5 year old boy who’s been trough so much already. Therefore we would like for him to have the childhood that every kid deserves.

I have never had my personal blog, so this is super exciting for me. It would be absolutely amazing to reach 80,000 followers and if everyone would donate just £1, that would mean that Matthias can have his surgery and we all can help to save his life. Furthermore, this blog will also be an inspirational platform for those who want to start healthier lifestyle. You can see recipes and some great ideas coming.

My main goal is to reach out to people who would be willing to help and support us throughout this journey, because every little help counts.


Meet Veronika… Who I am

Yellow mellow (my way of saying hello) everyone,

My name is Veronika. I was born in Czech Republic and it’s been already 5 years since I moved to London. Time flies right? The main reason that brought me to London was to study university here, which I successfully completed last year. I always wanted to move to another country and experience something different… I guess I always had ‘wonder feet’, probably just like my grandfather (my parents say so). It was the best decision I’ve made so far. Let me tell you… Nothing is easy as it might seem, but it’s all worth it at the end. Working and studying full time has thought me how to become stronger and how to stand on my own feet.
After finishing university I have continued working in the same industry I studied.
In my free time (luckily now I have little bit more of it) I usually like to go to gym, meet my friends, eat 😉 and just do all those fun stuff we all like.
I love sports in general therefore that’s huge part of my life. Animals…. Yes animals… I love them too…especially bunnies and recently I got little kitten.
During my journey here you will find out more and more about me, what I like and dislike and about my life in general. So please follow us here and we’ll keep you posted.
Have a lovely day everyone!! 😊

Accomplishment for Erika

I would be happy to clarify my goals here. I would like to run the Half Marathon in September. It’s 21 km and I’ve never run so much before. Once I cross the finish line that’s what I call accomplishment. But what is going to happen next? Am I going to sign up for the Marathon next year? Who knows that now?

Of course sitting here and blogging will not give me strength and endurance to accomplish the race. My goals here with this blog is to reach out to people, who is willing to sponsor me and through this raise money for Matthias’ surgery.

I wanna create a kind of honesty platform, whereby I share tips and recipes and people would buy them, by donating through the justgiving.com link on the right hand-side. The price could be as small as 1-2-5-10 pounds/euros/anything and write in the supplement: I bought a muffin recipe for Matthias. That would be pretty awesome.

I blog because I would like to gain followers, generate big traffic and connect to others who finds this blog inspirational. Nowadays many people goes home after work and just sits in front of the TV or video games. I would like to motivate others to get up and do some exercise.

If this blog exceeds my wildest dreams, what would it look like?
I would love if I would be able to reach out to 80 000 people, who would donate £1, so that Matthias could have the lifesaving surgery.