Sport as a concept

What do you think when you hear the word SPORT?

Do you think about professional athletes only or amateurs as well? What do you do when you do sport? My doctor always ask me ‘do you do any sport?’

This morning, I wanted to start my day with some quality time and I decided to check out the trending topics about sport on some women magazine websites. I was searching and searching and found very little. First of all I visited the most famous magazine portals for women in UK, Italy and Hungary. Same results everywhere.

I found menu titles like ‘beauty and health’, ‘body’, ‘diet’. All articles brain washing you to try the new brand of products or try the new technology, because the big celebrities are recommending it. What happened with a good old-fashion way of exercising? Are we not interested anymore?

Sport is meant to be “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment”.

Do you remember the last time you competed with someone, what did you feel when you were nearly there to win no matter what the outcome was? Excitement and the butterflies in your stomach when you knew that it takes few more steps or movements to pass the finish line. What a refreshing feeling. You feel like a newborn after all. The best way of forgetting the everyday hustle. One thing you can be sure of, by the time you finish and get back to ordinary you will have the right mindset to continue whatever you left pending.

How to kill cravings: Raw chocolate cinnamon kale chips

We all get cravings and sometimes it’s hard to resist and yes I know… You go and clear the fridge or your treats cupboard. There is nothing wrong with occasional cheating, but we still can make the right choices when the craving time arrives.
Recently I have discovered kale raw chocolate and cinnamon chips. It’s a healthy option that will satisfy your cravings and at the end you don’t have to feel guilty.
You can buy these in Whole Foods store and luckily my local small nutrition store supplies them too. It’s definitely worth trying. If you are a chocolate lover, you still can have a piece of chocolate…just make sure you eat good quality dark chocolate and have just a piece. When you try to eat clean, make sure you avoid all the processed food, sugar and saturated fat.
We are training hard to achieve our goal of raising enough money for Matthias. Please support us if you like our blog and efforts.




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M.Q. – Monday

motivational quote

M.Q. stands for a motivational quotes. Every Monday we are going to share our favorite motivational quotes with you. Cause we need motivation to keep up with our long term goal. We don’t want to get lost along the way cause shit happens. Find you own motivation for any life circumstances to keep you moving because change is good. Change brings something wonderfully new. Get ready for the change.

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Back to the training routine

Hello everyone. I hope u had a great week and looking forward to the long weekend.
It’s been a while since I’ve posted last post….I was sick an therefore couldn’t train. Tomorrow I’ll be back to the routine. For all of you out there who just started exercising recently and getting discouraged by being sick or for some other reason. Get your trainers and kick back in as soon as you feel better.
Feel free to join us here and on our journey to be healthier and fitter. The purpose of this blog is not only up raise money and help Matthias to have life changing surgery but also to motivate those who don’t have enough courage to start on their own.
Training and fitness in general is a long term commitment and requires your time. Only few minutes every day make difference. The amount of time and effort you invest, the same amount of results will come back.


my posts are for You

Yello-Mello My Dream Reader,

I am writing to you if you are about to improve your life by changing bits by bit. Change is always good and leads us to a new destination / situation. Its refreshing and DOPE.

Anything is possible and everything depends on you perception. How you gonna stretch your reality and where do you draw the line for enough. Enough is ever enough?

Have you tried to analyze your environment from a different angle and realized that your limits are determined by your mindset? Have you tried to change your mindset and accomplish something wonderfully new? How did it feel?

This is my honesty platform and I tend to share bits and pieces of my way of improvement according to my perception, which is leading me to the wonderfully-new-land. Well, enough of being sentimental and lets get back to business. 😛

What I can promise for You is loads of pictures about foooooood (love good food), running paths, updates about training for the half marathon, team stories. And if you allow us we will share with you our favorite motivational quotes for those of you who is doing something similar to keep your mindset on the right path! Furthermore, regular posts about Matthias our Hero, who is having his own battle against brain tumor. Our main focus point is Matthias and his surgery. We are on the way to raise £80 000 for a life-saving operation with loads of other people. On this site you can familiarize yourself with all the possible ways of connection with Matthias and donating toward his operation. Like clicking on the logo on the right hand-side.

Thank you for your time and attention. Hope you enjoy the site and we would be happy to hear from you, what you go through and what you think about. There’s nothing better than building a community, safe environment where you can socialize. Keep us updated and we will keep you as well.

Eat more veggies and fruits

Replace your sweets intake for some fruits instead. Eat more veggies and you will see improvement in your skin, metabolism and reduce bloating.
Eating clean us very important to improve your fitness. Since I have started running I try my best to eat clean and let me tell you it makes me feel better.
Give yourself a cheat day too…. But don’t go over the top. Make your choices right.

Help us and sponsor us through this journey and donate just £1. We will be running half marathon in September. You can be part of our amazing journey too.



Blogging journey

Ever since I can remember, I had a blog. As a child I was super lucky as my parents were IT people. I think I am from the generation who had no home PC yet – definitely from where I come from. We always had a few PC at home, I remember more PCs  than bedrooms… 🙂

Luckily I always preferred fresh air, I grow up on the streets, but once the sun went down I was in front of the computer. Also because my parents liked X files, which was too scary for me at that time 😀

First it was basic chat I could use, and I was awake until very late. Then I had a MySpace account, where I could upload all my photos. I remember I was really passionate photographer in my teenage, so all party photos were uploaded. Maybe for some dismay. I wish I could find those pics, I am sure they are somewhere on the web… so scary.

The major breakthrough came years and years after when I started to work in Italy after Uni… we were about to create a Blog platform for the Gold Club, where I used to work. It was all natural for me, how to use it and what to do with it. I actually had to make all improvements. I made all pictures, videos and entries. Unfortunately I left a year later and since then the site is dying. Do not misunderstand me, my life turned out to be much better, the unfortunately part is for the blog, as nobody else updates it as well it deserves it. Such a waste, as the audience is there, hungry for the information. Well, what can you do?

Anyway, since then I created a few blogs on different platforms, to test and play with them, until last months, when I finally find the cause I am happy to stay awake after every late shift to spread the word. WE RUN FOR MATTHIAS is like the masterpiece of all my practice. The bonus is that I don’t have to make it alone. I have a friend, Veronika who takes the ownership and makes this journey amazing. We both aim for more audience, likes and traffic. Our aim is to get to as many people as possible, who would be willing to contribute £1 to support us on our charity running in September. All the money comes in, goes directly to the Matthias’ charity account. Who could have a lifesaving operation.

Please spread the word, contribute if you can or just simply join us on this beautiful journey. 🙂

Veronika’s journey to accomplishment

You may already know that I love sports and decided with my very close friend Erika to run Richmond half marathon in September this year. The marathon is 21k long… Ufff… I have never run this much in my life, but I have started my training and I can’t wait to cross the finish line. What’s is my next goal? I don’t know yet… But now I focus on helping Matthias and his family.
Running the half marathon isn’t just my personal accomplishment, but mainly to raise money for little Matthias who needs life saving surgery. This is his only option. He is just a small 5 year old boy who’s been trough so much already. Therefore we would like for him to have the childhood that every kid deserves.

I have never had my personal blog, so this is super exciting for me. It would be absolutely amazing to reach 80,000 followers and if everyone would donate just £1, that would mean that Matthias can have his surgery and we all can help to save his life. Furthermore, this blog will also be an inspirational platform for those who want to start healthier lifestyle. You can see recipes and some great ideas coming.

My main goal is to reach out to people who would be willing to help and support us throughout this journey, because every little help counts.


Meet Veronika… Who I am

Yellow mellow (my way of saying hello) everyone,

My name is Veronika. I was born in Czech Republic and it’s been already 5 years since I moved to London. Time flies right? The main reason that brought me to London was to study university here, which I successfully completed last year. I always wanted to move to another country and experience something different… I guess I always had ‘wonder feet’, probably just like my grandfather (my parents say so). It was the best decision I’ve made so far. Let me tell you… Nothing is easy as it might seem, but it’s all worth it at the end. Working and studying full time has thought me how to become stronger and how to stand on my own feet.
After finishing university I have continued working in the same industry I studied.
In my free time (luckily now I have little bit more of it) I usually like to go to gym, meet my friends, eat 😉 and just do all those fun stuff we all like.
I love sports in general therefore that’s huge part of my life. Animals…. Yes animals… I love them too…especially bunnies and recently I got little kitten.
During my journey here you will find out more and more about me, what I like and dislike and about my life in general. So please follow us here and we’ll keep you posted.
Have a lovely day everyone!! 😊