Hi everyone!

My name is Matthias and I ‘m six years old. I’m a happy boy, I like walks in the sun shine and I really like when my Aunt Anne visits and reads me stories.

But let’s get straight to the point; when I was born everything was okay. My parents were happy and I acted like a normal healthy baby, I was doing the usual baby things … drinking milk, peeing and sleeping ;)

After several months, my parents realised that something was wrong with me. We went to see a lot of doctors but they said everything was fine; my parents however were still very concerned about my development. They were right, because in 2010 I had a biopsy done and soon after, the doctors removed a little bit of the tumour that is in my head.

I know that there is something in my head and it is doing something to me so I can’t talk, I learn everything very slowly and every move is a lot of effort for me. Unfortunately, it was just the beginning and it got worse. I had to have chemotherapy twice, but it didn’t work, my health didn’t improve one bit. I wasn’t getting better, it actually made me worse. My body started to suffer and now the right side of my body doesn’t want to cooperate with me, making it harder for me to walk or have fun. Basically I can’t use my right hand at all.

Because chemotherapy didn’t have any effect, my parents have started looking for alternative ways to cure me. Just recently they found a doctor who is not afraid to operate on me and fix this thing in my head. We met with this doctor in Germany.

Mr. Doctor is a brave man and he is willing to take on the task that no one else wanted. But before he will do it my parents also have a very huge job to do, they must raise £50,000 that is needed for this operation. I’m not the best with numbers, but it’s probably a lot. So pretty please can you and your friends help my parents, because all I want is to be healthy and enjoy my life!

Thank you!


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