I’ve always been doing some kind of sports. I attended sports high school and sport has always been a huge part of my life, childhood especially. It took lot of commitment and sacrifice, but I loved it. I used to play basketball and did athletics, however it all changed when I decided to move to another country to experience something new.

I still kept sports close to my heart. I started to go to gym again and recently fell in love with running. I’ve never been long distance runner, but over the past few months I’ve been exploring it and I must say it’s a perfect way to relax and clear my head. Running for Matthias is a huge motivation for me to push even harder. No excuses, no time to waist. It’s time to run!

Running the Half Marathon in September is not only to help little Matthias, but also to motivate other people who don’t have enough self confidence and belief to get out of the couch to start doing something good for themselves.

Keep moving people, it will change you life!!!


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